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Episode #014: Confidence and Dating, with Jennifer Csajko

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Today’s episode is with Jennifer Csajko, a dating and relationship lifestyle coach, who Liza has had the pleasure of working with! Jen is talking about her scary transition of starting her coaching business, and also all about the scary shit that comes with dating. This episode is for all the single ladies out there who are struggling to meet the right person, or those of you in a new relationship who want to make sure it’s everything you want it to be. Jen talks about the importance of not settling for anything, and we couldn’t agree more!

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Episode #013: Daring to be Bold, with Jaime Becktel

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In today’s episode we’re talking with Jaime Becktel of Carve Deeper Content. Jaime is a copywriter, storyteller, and all around badass warrior queen. She shares her story about growing up a rebel, and how personal loss propelled her to live with the ‘If not now, when?’ mentality. This episode is for all of our bold adventure seekers.

Episode #012: Being Authentically You, with April Williams

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Today we’re talking with April Williams who is a personal branding coaching for entrepreneurs over at Creative Brandista. April has a lot of amazing stuff to share about how she left the corporate environment and dived head first into her own business. And she talks all about the importance of being authentically you, which is what she’s all about, so let’s dive in.

Episode #011: Navigating Life’s Big Moments, with Alicia Jabbar

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In today’s episode we’re talking with Alicia Jabbar who is a coach that focuses on helping individuals navigate big moments of change in their life. She’s sharing a lot of personal stuff in this episode, about how she got started in coaching and why she chose the niche that she did. I think you’ll all find this episode really interesting, so let’s get to it.