Episode #018: Building the Do It Scared Community

Building the Do It Scared Community | Do It Scared Podcast
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Photo credit for photo of Danielle & Liza goes to Paige Rynberg.

Show Notes:

In today’s episode, we’re wrapping up our theme of community, by spilling our hearts on building the Do It Scared community. There’s a lot we’re struggling with, and we just want to be honest about what we’re trying to do with the podcast, and how we need your help to make that happen.

We talked about:

  • The inevitable crickets that happen when you first begin

  • Not taking the crickets personally

  • Asking for help to get your community started

  • The importance of posting consistently

  • Scheduling and batch processing

  • The authenticity dilemma of scheduling

  • Boundaries

  • Make content that serves your community

  • Instagram stories

Dani Said:

“I definitely needed someone to kick my butt and get me going.”

“If you’ve tried something three times, just keep trying.”

“If you’re experiencing crickets, go out and ask people to support you.”

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“It’s so much better to show up consistently and well in one place, then show up kind of meh in a bunch of places.”

“Figure out what community means to you, what level of relationship you want to have, figure out the platform that’s going to suit you for that and just go for it.”

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Liza Said: