Episode #020: Nurturing Your Creativity

Nurturing Your Creativity | Do It Scared Podcast
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Show Notes:

In today’s episode, we’re chatting about our personal struggles with finding inspiration and fueling our creativity as creative entrepreneurs. Whether you’re struggling to stay inspired for your own projects, or you’re looking for new ways to be inspired for client work, we share our process on getting inspired. Be sure to join the Facebook group if you haven’t already and let us know what your process for nurturing your creativity is.

Liza Said:

Dani Said:

“It’s hard to find inspiration in other ways, and to not feel like you’re going to rip those sites off.”

“You see so much that those things start to become part of your creative process, even if that’s not what you want.”

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“It’s not an infinite inspiration energy.”

“There’s just something about travel, that it just doesn’t matter.”