Episode #022: Season Two Wrap-up

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Show Notes:

Hello lovely listeners, it’s Liza flying solo today.

This is our season two wrap-up and I wanted to let you know how incredibly grateful Dani and I are for your continued support over the last few months.

Last September, when we decided to start recording these episodes, we never would’ve imagined the amazing opportunities that would present themselves through this endeavor.

It’s been truly amazing getting to sit down with these incredible women to hear their stories, their struggles and victories, and get to share this all with such a fantastic community.

We’ve decided to make this season shorter than our first for a few reasons. One, our personal businesses and commitments have increased for the next couple of months and we want to make sure that we’re giving our best effort to those.

And two, we want to make sure we’re giving the podcast the attention it deserves, so we thought it best have a shorter, more curated season.

You also might have noticed, we’ve also been experimenting with mixing up episode formats and including more content on social media, and we’re hoping to spend the next few months really solidifying those so we can launch season three with some awesome content and interviews for you.

So, while Dani and I are spending the next few months getting our shit together, you’re welcome to join the Facebook group, and continue chatting with us there, and we look forward to seeing you for season three. You can join the Facebook group over at facebook.com/doitscaredpodcast.