Episode #017: Inviting People into the Process, with Heather Jabornik

Inviting People into the Process, with Heather Jabornik | Do It Scared Podcast
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Photo credit for Heather’s headshot goes to Tiffany Fulmer.

Show Notes:

In today’s episode, we’re continuing this month’s theme of community, by speaking with, Heather Jabornik, the badass broad behind the website, Hiya Tootsie!, and the perfume line, Candy Ass. Heather is the embodiment of genuine connection when it comes to creating her community. In this episode, Heather is talking all about how she started Hiya Tootsie! and Candy Ass, and has found her true calling in turning her business into a movement. (Check out her Broadifesto.) And she does this by showing up, being her most authentic self, and inviting her people into her process. This episode is for anyone who has been uneasy about consistently showing up in their community.

We talked about:

  • Building your community through personal connections
  • Authenticity
  • Facebook personal vs. business pages
  • Funding your community and passions
  • Inviting people into the process
  • Showing up and showing you character when things go wrong

Heather Said:

“I honestly just got pissed off that I had no control over who was seeing my business page, and so I stopped using it as much.”

“This is kinda what I’m about, I wanna know you guys anyway, come hang out with me over on my personal page.”

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Dani Said:

“We love it, and it’s a total passion project and we love everything it stands for, but it’s not what’s paying the bills right now.”