Episode #015: Communities and Personal Branding, with Kayla Hollatz

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Photo credit for Kayla’s headshot goes to Carly Milbrath.

Show Notes:

Welcome to the first episode of season two! Today we’re talking with Kayla Hollatz, a copywriter and brand strategist, who is also the amazing mind behind #createlounge. Kayla started the #createlounge community three years ago as a Twitter chat and has nurtured it into a podcast, and now a contributor blog. She’s sharing her story of its evolution and also her advice for anyone looking to start their own community and grow it as authentically and organically as possible.

We talked about:

  • Twitter chats
  • Evolution of community
  • Prioritizing inclusiveness
  • Asking your community for feedback
  • The way that you use social media for community
  • Personal branding influencing community
  • Using existing connections to start your community
  • The fear of people leaving if you change or let something go
  • Cerries Mooney & Business archetypes
  • Guide to Vision Journaling
  • Being authentic in your community, not just showing the highlight reel
  • What self care looks like to us

Kayla Said:

“I knew going in that my priority was going to be making sure that I, at least, talked to everybody one time.”

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You have to do something that’s way out of your comfort zone, because you are asking people to be… Click To Tweet

“A lot of those fears can be dissipated when you just share the story behind it.”

“It isn’t until you dig really deep into exactly what you’re trying to inspire them to do, who you’re trying to connect them with, or how you’re trying to empower them.”

Regardless of the platform, people need to know what you stand for. Click To Tweet

“When you’re sharing the why behind everything you’re doing, regardless of the shifts and the evolutions you make, I think people really get it a whole lot more than we even imagine they’re going to.”

“What does this need to look like in the backend for me to actually be able to implement this and to do it well and to feel really excited about it?”

“No matter what shift I make in the future, I’m always going to have some sort of fear around it ‘cause it’s something I haven’t done before.”

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“Is there a mountain top for myself?”

Dani Said:

Self-care is a business asset. Click To Tweet

 “You can let go. It’s not going to kill your brand!”