Episode #021: Focusing Your Creativity, with Maggie Giele

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Show Notes:

In today’s episode we sat down to chat with Maggie Giele, a digital strategist who works with creative entrepreneurs to really wrangle all of their ideas into a strategy that moves their business forward. Maggie is not someone who considers herself to be a creative, but the work she does with her clients can be out-of-the-box and unique enough, that we call her creative. Not to mention the positioning for her own brand is not something you come across everyday!

Maggie had a lot of great insight into focusing your creativity into actual goals and money for your business, and we really think you’ll find this episode interesting if you’re struggling to decide which direction to move your business in.

Maggie Said:

“It’s not like it’s alienating people who aren’t into fantasy.”

“Can’t take the geek out of me.”

“I did not resonate as a creative entrepreneur.”

You can’t be stuck inside your own head forever. Click To Tweet

“Once you do that analysis, bless them and sent them free. Don’t look at them again.”

Engaging on social media is a never ending process. Creating content is a never ending process. Click To Tweet

“You need to find a rhythm and style that works for you and your audience, and then deliver whatever level of quality is the best fit for that.”

One thing that really changed my business, was when I started being myself. Click To Tweet

“At a certain level of business, it’s time to stop learning so much, and consuming so much content, and just start doing.”

Liza Said:

“It takes away from my creativity, because I’m channeling her creativity.”

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Dani Said:

“Not all creatives know they’re creative.”

Creativity doesn’t have to involve paints and pretty designs, it’s more about being out of the… Click To Tweet

“Whether you’re creative or analytical, sometimes the other person can really balance you out.”